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Living Healthy By Choosing Alkaline diets

Alkaline diets lead to the body ph maintaining its alkaline nature. The various body functions are carried out smoothly, and the immune system of the body stays strong. Under these circumstances, one feels energetic as opposed to feeling fatigued. Also, the weight shed like this stays off and most importantly the body does not fall sick. In other words, they help repel diseases as opposed to high protein diets which seem to attract them. These plans are also excellent for those suffering from a chronic illness like arthritis, cancer, migraines, sinusitis and also osteoporosis. Following such a regime while taking medication helps fight these diseases off from the root.

Alkaline diet constitute mostly of fruits and vegetables. One should try and consume green vegetables and sweet fruits so that they make up about 70 to 80 percent of their total food intake. Lemons and melons should also be eaten. Almonds, honey, and olive oil are also high on the list of foods to be consumed for following alkaline diets. Fats and meats should be avoided. Foods that are acidifying such as coffee, alcohol, meats, and even certain vegetables like cooked spinach should not form more than 20% of one’s diet. Alkaline water is also a must for everyone wanting to improve their diet. At least 6 to 8 glasses of alkaline water can do wonders for your body cleansing.

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