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Finding a Web Design Firm in Nanaimo, BC

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There are many reasons why companies haven’t found good web design firms in Nanaimo, BC in the past, but the good news is that things are changing and they are looking up. With the population of the city increasing, it has led to increased diversification, opportunities, fun, and most importantly choices. This has led to the increase in the number of website designers here in Nanaimo. An advantage of this is that the number of talented designers is increasing and this means you have a larger number of options when it comes to finding the right provider.

Looking specifically into the aspect of website design, there are 3 important criteria one needs to consider when it comes to choosing a web designer in Nanaimo, BC.

Budget: The first criterion is to estimate you budget. In order to find a provider that is close to your budget, ask friends and family about the costs of making their website. People are usually inclined to disclose this piece of information if they hear of competitive rates. Everyone is keen to know if you were unsatisfied in the past. If people are not too keen to talk about the hard figures, you can ask the web designers directly what they charged for their portfolio and designs.

The Size of the Firm: The rule of thumb is that if the size of the firm is smaller, the designers will generally charge you less. So, choosing a single designer for your project is an option. However, the catch here is that teams seem come up with a better results than individuals. It is generally best to look for a firm with a team, even if it is just a couple of designers. This will give them the ability of tossing ideas around and assessing each others work critically. Other than creating a better design, you will also find that a team approach reduces the total number of errors and quickens the design process.

Past Work: It is surprising how many design firms are hired before the client actually previews through their portfolios. On reviewing a portfolio, do not expect to like everything that you come across, but look for creativity, professionalism, meticulousness, and diversity. If the work seems the same, the firm probably has a single resource managing all the design work. If there are too many styles to choose from, it is an indication of the team’s scope of knowledge and skills. Moreover, it denotes that the company does not use a template for preparing their designs.

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