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Best Dentist in Nanaimo

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Nanaimo is certainly one of the best places for those who have serious teeth problems. Dental pain is often described as a throbbing pain for any human being. Those who have suffered this pain before know how painful it is to have a cavity in their teeth. But others are blessed to live in the city of Nanaimo. Because, somehow there are plenty of potential dentist clinics and dentists there. Let’s a take a brief look at the list of the Best Dentists in Nanaimo.

1. Franklyn Street Dental Centre

This dentist centre is just situated beside Franklyn Street. So, it is easily accessible from any place of Nanaimo. If you are looking for an adult doctor in Nanaimo, then this dentist centre would be appropriate for you. The dentists are quite skillful and experienced enough in their expertise.

2. Downtown Dental Group

Downtown dental group is situated near Wallace Street. The dentists here are quite professional and experienced. Their fees are quite reasonable so anyone can consult with any of the dentists here at any time. This dental centre is conveniently open 6 days a week.

3. Holy Tree Dental

It is another one of the best dental centres in Nanaimo. Holy tree dental centre is well known for their well organized services. Besides, they are providing the most committed services amongst all of the dental centres here in Nanaimo. They’re fees are less and their service goes above and beyond.

4. Nanaimo Family Dentist

Their name says it all. One of the most dedicated dentist centres in Nanaimo. Most times, this dental centre is hired by many upper class families. This clinic is noted for having a very comfortable family atmosphere, clients are treated like family.  Aside from that, anyone having bad days with their teeth can certainly take advantage of visiting this awesome dental centre.

5. Avonlea Dental Clinic

Lastlly, Dr 
Rick Jackson is a renowned dentist and the Best Dentist in Nanaimo. He has been in practice for over 25 years. He is an expert in the field of dentistry and can suggest  treatment plans or medication just by looking into a patients mouth. Yes, he is that experienced! The clinic is located at the Boardwalk on Rutherford Road in Nanaimo. He is also a expert at providing dental services for kids. This means, he is a kid specialist as well. So if your kids are suffering from dental problems take them to see Dr 
Rick Jackson. They will be in good hands!

Nanaimo is one of the best places for dental remedy and treatment. If you live in Nanaimo, don’t worry about your dental problems. Just choose the right dental clinic and get a check up!


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